Getting Started

The best way to find out if you can benefit from coaching is to try it. I invite you to contact me by telephone 610-660-0218 or send me an e-mail at We will select a time to meet over the telephone at no charge.

Portofino, Italy
Live your dreams.

The purpose of this telephone call is to discuss your needs and to get a sense of whether I may be able to help you work through your areas of concern.

We can arrange for follow-up with a variety of assessments before deciding to work together. I can provide you with confidential referrals to former coaching clients, and after you have decided to move forward, we will then be able to begin scheduling coaching sessions over the telephone several times a month.

Tell me more about the telephone meetings…

Most coaching relationships require a minimum 3-month commitment, with 2 to 4 regularly scheduled coaching sessions each month.

One-on-One Coaching

A minimum of three-month commitment of time is needed to establish a viable coaching relationship. This includes two to four 45-60 minute telephone sessions per month as well as additional e-mail and telephone support as required. Fees are paid monthly in advance. The average coaching relationship lasts between six-nine-months, depending on the client’s goals, and their working situation.

Why Use the Telephone for Coaching?Alone Together

It is the most convenient and cost efficient way to meet with busy executives. Your time is too valuable, so the best way to maintain an effective coaching relationship is to meet in your office, with the doors closed. The only way to do this with the privacy needed is to meet using the telephone. I am reasonably sure you will find:

  1. It’s effective! Coaching is about deep listening and hearing. The phone is an excellent way to carve private time out of busy work schedules. Communications between two individuals can be greatly enhanced in this way.
  2. It’s convenient! Travel time is eliminated because, you can be where you are, and I can be where I am (live life on your terms and keep the costs down while getting the desired result at your pace).
  3. It’s comfortable! Choose your own surroundings. Pick a place in your home or office, day or night where you can relax and focus.
  4. It’s flexible and works on your schedule! Early morning and late night appointments are available.

    Take the moment.
    Take the moment.



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