Lawyers in Transition

Retirees need to learn new skills and competencies well before they begin their retirement experience. The most important thing persons anticipating retirement are looking for is their own fulfillment…their own sense of purpose and meaning.

It is therefore important for law firms to start paying close attention to Transition Planning.

Share innovative strategies for transition planning based on a fundamental belief that today’s retirees are clearly not looking to fade away. They want to find fulfilling activities, they want enriching endeavors.

Once you leave full-time law practice, you may need time and possibly support as you move away from the external, material, achievement definition of self, toward the more personal, intimate and, for many, the spiritual definition of self.

Our goal would be to convince the legal community that retirement should be seen as a new journey, a path full of challenges and opportunities that individuals may begin in their mid-fifties.

With the proper planning, retirement should hold up as a new prospect of growth for senior lawyers, their loved ones, and their law firms.


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