Coaching Programs

Benefits of Coaching

Apollo and Daphne by Bernini
Apollo and Daphne

While coaching does involve teaching the right knowledge, coaching is also heavily process-focused; therefore, the benefits of coaching are in the arena of knowing the practical skill sets or information necessary for sound practice management as well as creating fundamental shifts in perspective, behavior and self-management that include:

  1. Clarity of vision and focus
  2. Follow-through on a specific leadership action plan
  3. Specific action within a Coaching Program structure
  4. Breakthroughs in attitudes, behavior, and achievement
  5. Courage to take action and follow through on bold ideas
  6. Smooth navigation through change
  7. Creative problem solving and “out of the box” thinking
  8. Specific business planning strategy and tactics
  9. Alignment of decisions with core strengths and values

You will benefit from coaching if you have:

  • a goal of increasing income while reducing stress in your life.
  • a desire for moving your professional practice to the next level.
  • a feeling that you want to take charge of the rest of your life.
  • a dream that a successful legal practice can be a fulfilling experience.
  • a belief that you can reach your goals faster and with greater ease with the help of an advocate committed to your cause.

One-on-one Coaching

Pauline Bonaparte at the Galleria Borghese
Pauline Bonaparte at the Galleria Borghese


  • Law Practice Leadership – This form of one-on-one coaching is designed to help individual attorneys – in firms of any size, who wish to improve quality of work production, while reducing stress and hours in the workplace. I work with extremely successful attorneys who want to get even better.  I have worked with sole practitioners, owners of small law firms, and key executives in major corporations. They all realize that the leadership behavior that was associated with yesterday’s results may not be the behavior that is needed to achieve tomorrow’s innovation.
  • Team Leadership – Team Leadership coaching is designed to help managing partners and practice group leaders make the changes that will take your organization or a practice area to the “next level”. In team coaching, I focus on helping successful attorneys achieve a positive, measurable, long-term change in behavior. I work with team leaders to see the connection between their behavioral change goals and their personal goals.  This form of one-on-one coaching can involve several attorneys in the same practice group.


Colosseum Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

Leadership Transition/Retirement Planning – This form of one-on-one coaching is designed to assist senior lawyers who wish to transition from the production side of the practice to new challenges where they can express their full repertoire of personal, business, leadership and entrepreneurial talents in new ways. Leadership Transition Planning will help individuals acquire skills and competencies to think and act differently. In the event of sudden death, severe injury or illness, law firms that lack succession plans inadvertently put both their partners and family at risk.

  • Click here to read “Winding Down the Law Practice'” by Steve Gallagher.
  • Team Coaching             
  • Practice Group Leadership – is a form of team building designed to assist practice group leaders and executive team members who want to leverage the collective energy, creativity and intelligence of team members for maximum impact and outcomes.

This form of team coaching is usually done with a management team, committee or practice group that is being challenged to address complex or controversial concern affecting the partnership. Projects of this nature may include firm governance and compensation, associate retention and training, and firm ownership issues. Team coaching is generally done over a concentrated period of time culminating with a recommendation from the committee or practice group.

I generally work as a coach or mentor on behalf of the committee or practice group. I assist with background research and a key role of mine is to help leadership in ensuring that all team members are moving in the agreed-­upon direction at approximately the same pace. Projects are generally conducted through a series of on-site visits and telephone meetings.

  • Succession Planning – In today’s highly competitive environment in which a firm’s financial success depends greatly on the planning and organizational skills of key partners, planning for orderly leadership succession is critical.
    Advance Exit Planning
  1. Retreat Planning – I offer complete retreat planning and programming. I generally work with a leadership team from the law firm to ensure a collaborative effort.  Examples of retreat topics include:
  2. Trends Affecting the Practice of Law
  3. Effective Practice Group Management
  4. Succession Planning for Firms and Practice Groups
  5. Changing Firm Culture – The Associates Perspective
  6. Effective Marketing Strategies
  7. Client Relationship Management

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