Stephen P. Gallagher

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Stephen P. Gallagher

Stephen P. Gallagher is the principal of This is an executive coaching business that focuses on transition planning for the legal profession.  He has more than 30-years of experience in coaching attorneys in a variety of work settings.

Stephen believes that many law firms will be help in attracting and maintaining talent without fundamental changes in culture and practice. He believes that senior attorneys that many law firms are now looking to sunset should become the untapped resources firms need to develop for their talent pool for the future.

The fact is that many senior lawyers and pre-retirees are not looking to fade away. Young lawyers, Millennials need their own safe harbors to prepare for their own career and life transitions. The need for more flexible and accommodating work options affects not only those who are approaching traditional retirement, but younger women and men who don’t fit inside the box or want to work within the traditional partnership pyramid.

Stephen holds a Master of Science degree in Organizational Dynamics (M.S.O.D.) from the University of Pennsylvania, and his practice is based in Philadelphia, PA.

Stephen has been coaching attorneys since 1976 when he worked as a Associate Director of Career Placement at Temple University School of Law, Stephen moved on to join several mid-sized law firms as a legal administrator, before joining the 70,000-member, New York State Bar Association as their first Practice Management Adviser.

Stephen gained a national reputation for his writings related to changes in the profession and leadership skills training. Stephen currently works in a variety of coaching relationships with bar associations. Stephen has conducted strategic planning programs with the American Bar Association, state and local bar associations, as well as The Law Society of England and Wales, and The Law Society of Scotland.







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